Monday, December 22, 2008

We're On the Move!

This past month has been crazy! The day I got back from the wedding to work I was let go by the company...oi! I'm doing OK, I'm grateful for the time actually because I can concentrate on things that have been neglected with the house since the wedding was a busy time. Jeff and I talked and prayed about it and found it the best thing to move back to Council Bluffs and move in with my mom for a little while. Not only moving in with her will it help us, but it will also help her. It's going to be interesting for all three of us to adjust, but it will be OK.

I have applied for a few jobs right now so I'm doing the waiting game. Jeff's last day at Bed, Bath, and Beyond will be on Friday. He tried to transfer with the company, but the closest thing was in Des Moines so that was a no go. He's really focused on losing the last twenty pounds to get in the Air Force right now.
Here our the choices for bases we would love to be at...if only the Air Force will see that too;-)
1. Omaha...duh
2. Missouri...short drive away
3. Colorado...a good drive away
4. Alaska...Jeff's choice, no taxes and we'd get paid to live there!

That's pretty much all right now. If you want our new mailing address just email us at and I'll send it to you!

Lots of love and holiday cheer!
The Hines Family
Still no wedding pics, I will see the photographer when I get back home so keep looking!