Thursday, September 20, 2012

Briley Michelle is Here!

Our family has grown by one:-D Our little Briley Michelle joined our family on September 1st at 7:21pm weighing 7lbs 9oz and 21 inches long! She is precious! I've been really lame at taking pictures because well, I'm busy juggling two kiddos under two years old now:-P Wow what a difference!!

Briley's story:

  On Friday August 31st I went in for my 40 week appointment and my blood pressure was being lovely and was high...BOO! My amazing OB sent me over to labor and delivery just to be monitored to make sure there weren't any underlying problems with the baby. We got checked in and were relaxing when the awesome OB who was on call let us know we would have to come back on Sunday to get checked again, if I was to be released that night OR we could start being induced Friday night. Now Jeff & I weren't too sure about induction because we were really trying for a VBAC and there have been not so nice stories that go with inductions and failed VBACs. After talking & praying about it we felt it best to go ahead and start a gentle induction that night because we felt better being monitored than having something happen at home an hour and a half away and not be able to get to the hospital in time. I was also 40 weeks and 3 days and felt the baby was developed as it could get.
  After the induction was started there was still calm. I did pretty well pain wise and Jeff was amazing! He sat next to me in the bed and rubbed my back with a tennis ball when the contractions picked up. The OB had to break my Niagra Falls bag of water! We totally understood why this baby wasn't coming out because there was an ocean in me! After about 5 hours baby started showing a very small sign of distress and they had to put fluid back in my body to see if it would work. At this point I already had the epidural that was amazing and was fully relaxed and sadly only had progressed to 2.5cm:-/ At this point Jeff & I decided it was time to call it and we went ahead and had a c-section.  Briley was tucked so far up inside me that my 6'4 doc had to stand on a footstool and pull her out!! Yep, she's stubborn!
  Am I bummed I didn't get to experience a VBAC? Yes, but I have a beautiful baby girl who is a true gift from God. I got to hear her first cry, see my husband tear up at his first look of her, everything we wanted and were afraid weren't going to be able to have if we kept waiting to make a decision.
  The recovery...SUCKED!! We were in the hospital for 6 days...6 days!!! ARGH!! All I wanted to do was go home and snuggle Bella. My blood pressure refused to level out so they had to mess with meds and try to get me to a number which they were comfortable with before they would let me leave.  I'm now on drugs which make me super tired, yes I know I'm supposed to be tired with a newborn, but this is a horrible tired! I can't wait to get off them!!

Well that is it, our life these past 18 days. Loving on two beautiful babies:-D


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clean Eating & Crazy Schedules

Hey Folks,
So our first week of CE was well...meh. We did OK following the menu, but with schedule changes and my crazy cravings we did let it slide a bit...There's always next week:-D

I'm OFFICIALLY 36 weeks pregnant...WOOHOO!! My OB really wanted me to make it until now and I did so...can we get this baby out now please?;-) I've been having random contractions for a couple of weeks, next Thursday is my next appointment so let's see what happens.

That's pretty much it!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clean Eating Week

Hey Folks,

Holy cow it's been awhile!!


Baby B is growing strong and moving and groovin'! Scheduled to arrive in the next 5ish weeks!! We're getting excited and nervous:-) Started putting together the good ol' hospital bag today and this week plan on doing the birth plan and have it ready.

Bella is growing like a weed and is officially our monkey. She climbs on EVERYTHING now and gets so mad when she can't get on something or we take her down, she's got an Irish temper that's for sure!

Jeff is busy working and training for his marathon in September.

Calla is just busy being Calla:-P Nesting is kicking in and poor Jeff has to put up with it:-P

Why the title for this post?
Well we finally took the leap and purchased a years worth of clean eating meal plans last week! We always have a meal plan for our schedule since it can be very busy or very slow. This menu includes the three basic meals and two snacks, which is great! Everything is pretty much staples we purchase anyway, just needed some variety and since we can save them to our hard drive we will have them for next year and can manipulate the menu a bit for time or taste buds. LOVES: Menu, recipes, and grocery list provided! They email you monthly with the new menu.

So next week we take the HUGE leap and will be following the menu. Our plans for following week 1 this past week failed due to Calla's birthday, being sick, and family visiting. This coming week we will be better:-D

Calla will try to post once a week about clean eating and once a week on any awesome family updates:-)

Have a great week!
Hines 57s!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Facebook Hiatus

Hey Folks,
So my life hasn't been hectic, but it's just been blah. I noticed that I was checking FB at LEAST 3 times an hour (because you know that's how often things change:-P) and that our little girl was growing and I was oblivious.

I went Visiting Teaching this past week and something just kept coming to me "turn it off". Now I really had to think about this, turn what off? I eventually went with TV and Ipod.  During the day the TV in our house is on from 6:30am-10pm without being shut off, I mainly have it on for noise, but I noticed that Annabella was really starting to stare at the screen really close and it made me nervous. My Ipod is docked most of the day while the baby is awake and then at nap time/her bedtime it comes out to play just for a bit, long enough to check my emails and play a round or two of solitaire.

Our new TV schedule:
6:30-11 TV on, yes I know it's awhile, but this momma doesn't do mornings.
11-4ish TV on, but it is on the music channels just so I have sound and don't go crazy, I don't do quiet.
**Our TV has always and will always be turned off at meal times. That is a time for our family to come together, even if it's just Bella and I to really communicate. I LOVE our dinners with daddy because we just talk and enjoy and laugh.
Jeff and I have been really into Burn Notice right now so when Bella goes down at 7, that's what usually comes on.

During my hiatus I've realized...I DO HAVE TIME!! SHOCKER! I have time to work on my calling, read/play with Bella, make healthy foods for my family, clean that nastiness that takes over our house...SHOCK! I was able to make 4 loaves of bread for us and friends yesterday and also made 4 dozen cookies for a service project and our deep freeze...I had time to do that? Who knew!:-P

Projects I will continue to work on while on hiatus:
Bobbin my sewing machine and start my 6 or so baby quilts:-P
Make a healthy meal for dinner every night
Work on my body, belly is popping out and baby is growing
Organizing our devil of a filing cabinet...gag!

I think that's it! I will be online randomly and yes I am still pinning, but I gotta get 5 minutes of sanity somewhere:-P

Later folks,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Update

Hey Folks,
I'm so good at posting once a month!:-P

Still working weekends and running like a crazy man. He took the past few days off from running and stayed in bed. I LOVED not waking up to an alarm at 4:45am:-P He just started volunteering at the school on base to help with the 1st-8th grade track team and he likes it a lot. It's only 2 days a week, but it gets him out into the base community.

Holy walking baby Batman!!! This kid is walking/jogging everywhere! She started climbing on things today and getting into what we thought were the baby proof areas...JOY!! We're itching to move into a 3 bedroom, but keep forgetting to hand in the paperwork:-/ Once we do she'll have an entire area in the living room that she can play in without getting into stuff she's not supposed to be.

Baby #2:
LAZY! We got to see the little booger on an ultrasound at our last appointment. Baby was laying on it's stomach with it's butt in the air, just like it's big sister does. We've come to an agreement on a boys name, but nothing on a girl. We're really channeling boy this time:-P Due date is Aug. 29th and doctor wants me to go all natural.

Busy growing a baby! Got my energy back finally and trying to remember what I did before I was knocked up and tired all the time:-P We're starting to 'clean eat' so I'm working on finding yummy recipes/blogs for the family to work into our menu. On Tuesday I bake our bread for the week, so I'll probably be doing my most prep work on those days.

I think that's pretty much it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day is Everyday

Hey Folks,
In my head I have all this stuff I want to say, let's see what happens:-)

IS BIG!! She's going to be 11 months next week...WOW!! We have enjoyed every minute with her and love watching her grow. She is starting to wean off me, which is a love hate thing for me. She LOVES whatever we're eating and is starting to put her nose up at baby food, can you blame her? She is a chicken when it comes to walking. She will take about two steps and then fall over and just crawl. She is running along the edge of the couch all day long! My poor back can't take much more of the twenty pounder so I make her walk while holding one my hands and she's getting it. We're hoping by her first birthday she'll be grooving. She loves to play peek a boo and loves waving bye bye. She's so stinkin' cute I can't stand it!!

Is a weekend duty guy. We works Friday-Monday 7a-4p, which we love and hate. Love the fact we get him for three days during the week, hate we don't have him on Sundays. He just ran his third marathon in Huntington Beach this past week, next is May in Orange County. His goal in life is to run in all 50 states.

Busy growing a baby:-) We go next week to see the stinker. I'm finally getting my energy back and Jeff is more than happy! He has clean clothes, dishes done, and dinner done when he gets home. For awhile it was kind of scary:-P

I think that is that. Valentines day has been pretty low key and just another day. I get flowers at least once a month and chocolate whenever I want. So to me Valentines day at our house is everyday:-)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well Hello 2012!

Hey Folks,

My head is swimming of thoughts of 2011 and what it brought to our family & what 2012 has to hold. Right now Bella is napping with grandma in the recliner, one of the babes I'm watching is napping and the other is happily watching Sesame Street...Time to blog!!!!

Pretty great year! Celebrated our lil' miss joining us, moved to California for our first duty station and I'm not going to lie I kind of like it here:-) Even though we're out in the middle of nowhere and we don't go anywhere, but that just means more family time:-) I got called as the Relief Society 2nd counselor and I finally think I know what I'm doing:-P Jeff ran his 2nd marathon in October on his birthday and is one year closer to the big 3-0:-) Spent Christmas with both of our families. It was lovely to see everyone, but man our little house can only hold so many bodies!

Jeff will be running his 3rd marathon in February. Jeff will hopefully be putting on his next stripe:-D Around the same time we will be welcoming a new addition to our family of 3, yep we're preggers again!!! You can call us crazy, but we just call it blessed and loved:-)

My goals:
*Logging in/following babyfit for a healthy mommy & baby
*DON'T gain the 70lbs back!
*Prioritize properly
*Don't sweat the small stuff
*Organize our home, there's clutter everywhere from different things and it's driving me nuts!

Well that's all.