Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Update

Hey Folks,
I'm so good at posting once a month!:-P

Still working weekends and running like a crazy man. He took the past few days off from running and stayed in bed. I LOVED not waking up to an alarm at 4:45am:-P He just started volunteering at the school on base to help with the 1st-8th grade track team and he likes it a lot. It's only 2 days a week, but it gets him out into the base community.

Holy walking baby Batman!!! This kid is walking/jogging everywhere! She started climbing on things today and getting into what we thought were the baby proof areas...JOY!! We're itching to move into a 3 bedroom, but keep forgetting to hand in the paperwork:-/ Once we do she'll have an entire area in the living room that she can play in without getting into stuff she's not supposed to be.

Baby #2:
LAZY! We got to see the little booger on an ultrasound at our last appointment. Baby was laying on it's stomach with it's butt in the air, just like it's big sister does. We've come to an agreement on a boys name, but nothing on a girl. We're really channeling boy this time:-P Due date is Aug. 29th and doctor wants me to go all natural.

Busy growing a baby! Got my energy back finally and trying to remember what I did before I was knocked up and tired all the time:-P We're starting to 'clean eat' so I'm working on finding yummy recipes/blogs for the family to work into our menu. On Tuesday I bake our bread for the week, so I'll probably be doing my most prep work on those days.

I think that's pretty much it!