Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clean Eating Week

Hey Folks,

Holy cow it's been awhile!!


Baby B is growing strong and moving and groovin'! Scheduled to arrive in the next 5ish weeks!! We're getting excited and nervous:-) Started putting together the good ol' hospital bag today and this week plan on doing the birth plan and have it ready.

Bella is growing like a weed and is officially our monkey. She climbs on EVERYTHING now and gets so mad when she can't get on something or we take her down, she's got an Irish temper that's for sure!

Jeff is busy working and training for his marathon in September.

Calla is just busy being Calla:-P Nesting is kicking in and poor Jeff has to put up with it:-P

Why the title for this post?
Well we finally took the leap and purchased a years worth of clean eating meal plans last week! We always have a meal plan for our schedule since it can be very busy or very slow. This menu includes the three basic meals and two snacks, which is great! Everything is pretty much staples we purchase anyway, just needed some variety and since we can save them to our hard drive we will have them for next year and can manipulate the menu a bit for time or taste buds. LOVES: Menu, recipes, and grocery list provided! They email you monthly with the new menu.

So next week we take the HUGE leap and will be following the menu. Our plans for following week 1 this past week failed due to Calla's birthday, being sick, and family visiting. This coming week we will be better:-D

Calla will try to post once a week about clean eating and once a week on any awesome family updates:-)

Have a great week!
Hines 57s!