Thursday, September 20, 2012

Briley Michelle is Here!

Our family has grown by one:-D Our little Briley Michelle joined our family on September 1st at 7:21pm weighing 7lbs 9oz and 21 inches long! She is precious! I've been really lame at taking pictures because well, I'm busy juggling two kiddos under two years old now:-P Wow what a difference!!

Briley's story:

  On Friday August 31st I went in for my 40 week appointment and my blood pressure was being lovely and was high...BOO! My amazing OB sent me over to labor and delivery just to be monitored to make sure there weren't any underlying problems with the baby. We got checked in and were relaxing when the awesome OB who was on call let us know we would have to come back on Sunday to get checked again, if I was to be released that night OR we could start being induced Friday night. Now Jeff & I weren't too sure about induction because we were really trying for a VBAC and there have been not so nice stories that go with inductions and failed VBACs. After talking & praying about it we felt it best to go ahead and start a gentle induction that night because we felt better being monitored than having something happen at home an hour and a half away and not be able to get to the hospital in time. I was also 40 weeks and 3 days and felt the baby was developed as it could get.
  After the induction was started there was still calm. I did pretty well pain wise and Jeff was amazing! He sat next to me in the bed and rubbed my back with a tennis ball when the contractions picked up. The OB had to break my Niagra Falls bag of water! We totally understood why this baby wasn't coming out because there was an ocean in me! After about 5 hours baby started showing a very small sign of distress and they had to put fluid back in my body to see if it would work. At this point I already had the epidural that was amazing and was fully relaxed and sadly only had progressed to 2.5cm:-/ At this point Jeff & I decided it was time to call it and we went ahead and had a c-section.  Briley was tucked so far up inside me that my 6'4 doc had to stand on a footstool and pull her out!! Yep, she's stubborn!
  Am I bummed I didn't get to experience a VBAC? Yes, but I have a beautiful baby girl who is a true gift from God. I got to hear her first cry, see my husband tear up at his first look of her, everything we wanted and were afraid weren't going to be able to have if we kept waiting to make a decision.
  The recovery...SUCKED!! We were in the hospital for 6 days...6 days!!! ARGH!! All I wanted to do was go home and snuggle Bella. My blood pressure refused to level out so they had to mess with meds and try to get me to a number which they were comfortable with before they would let me leave.  I'm now on drugs which make me super tired, yes I know I'm supposed to be tired with a newborn, but this is a horrible tired! I can't wait to get off them!!

Well that is it, our life these past 18 days. Loving on two beautiful babies:-D



Kennedy said...

Wow! What an experience! I'm so glad you are home and loving on your two girls. I love Briley's name and I hope that things level out for you soon (meds and life wise!).