Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been busy and then sometimes just lazy:-P Life is going great for us right now. Jeff and I both have jobs, they are part time, but they get the bills paid and eliminate stress so I'm good:-D

JEFF MADE WEIGHT!!! For Jeff's height he must be 175 pounds to enlist in the Air Force, but with so many people enlisting right now they want him at 170lbs, well the other day he hit 169lbs!! I'm sooooo excited!! Today we meet with the recruiter to get the show FINALLY going. We are expecting at least a 3-7month waiting period because they need people to retire before they can bring new people in, which makes total sense.

Everything else is going well. We hear the new soon to debut Hines family member is California is growing and ready to make her big entrance in July(Jeff's brother and wife are expecting their first child, also the first grandbaby, and great grandbaby) We are all so excited!!!

Well I'm off, gotta get up and get going!

check it out!!