Monday, May 18, 2009

We've Got a Date!

Well Jeff called the Recruiter today to check in, which is normal for all recruits to do every Monday just to let the office know they made it through the weekend and didn't get in trouble. The Recruiter said that he had a job contract for Jeff!! We are sooooo excited!!! We were expecting to wait another month, but only ended up waiting 2 weeks! Jeff will report to Basic Training in Texas on August 25th and after 8 1/2 weeks there will more than likely we will be headed to Mississippi for tech school, I get to join him since his tech school is 8 months or longer(not sure the exact timeline). His job title is Weather Apprentice. We're looking forward to August and how fast the next three months will go and also how fast Basic Training will go.

I'm nervous about moving, but I'm all for it. If we do end up in Mississippi we will be only 3 1/2 hours from my sister and her family which would be awesome! We would also be right on the Gulf of Mexico, not to sure about the hurricane season, but we'll get there when the time comes:-D

We're right next to Biloxi:

I'm off!