Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pink bows and PCSing

Hey folks,
WHAT A WEEK!!!!! Well mainly what a Tuesday!!

Baby Hines was being difficult for the ultrasound tech and we had to stop half way through due to me having a severe back spasm. There was so much pain I started crying and I have a really good pain tolerance! Well we resumed and even though Thumper had it's legs closed the tech could get a look and saw no boy parts only girl parts! We're having a girl!!! I told Jeff on the phone that afternoon and I said "you know how you have said you can only make boys, well you lied" he still doesn't believe me:-P Her name is going to be Annabella Marie and we'll be calling her Belle for short. Next week I'm going to the Carter's outlet store that's near us and I'm trying to lean away from tons of pink:-P My lower belly which she calls home is starting to stick out pretty good and I'm being cautious of my weight due to the doctor worrying about me.

We got our orders on Tuesday as well. We are moving to Edwards Air Force Base in California, it's 2 hours northeast of L.A. It will be nice to have our lil' girl grow up with a cousin near by because L.A. is where Jeff's brother lives. We've already got plans to take the girls to Disneyland next summer:-P Jeff is supposed to report to California April 23rd, but that's just a couple of days after his tech school graduation on April 20th. We're hoping he will have enough leave built up, also use his 10 days paternity leave(he won't be here for the birth), and be able to work with his hometown recruiter for 2 weeks to get things organized. We've thought about moving ourselves so we could get some of the money the Air Force is going to pay, but at the same time moving with a newborn and driving 21 hours away would be a lot better with just one vehicle...We shall see!

Well I think that's it!
Love to all,
The Hines Family
Jeff, Calla, Annabella


mamabluffs said...

Calla, I just discovered your blog! I love it and I'm so excited you're going to be a mommy! You'll be such an awesome one!!!!--Miriam