Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas is how close?!?!!?

Hey Folks,
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends, ours was pretty quiet. I went to my mom's for lunch and it was just the two of us, we had chicken instead of turkey:-P I ate happily and then crashed in her guest bedroom for 3 hours!! My in laws went to South Dakota to pheasant hunt, they only came back with grouse which in my opinion is one nasty tasting bird!! Jeff had an awesome lunch at Sheppard, he was pretty excited and he stuffed himself silly:-P

The man is doing well! He FINALLY started classes Dec. 3rd because they finally had an instructor. He booked his holiday leave ticket and will be home with us Dec. 22nd-Jan. 3rd!!!:-D I'm counting down the days! His ward at Sheppard is more of a branch it sounds like. There are only about a dozen people who show up on a weekly basis. They have FHE on Wednesday which throws him off and sometimes he forgets it's not on Mondays or Sundays which is usually when we had ours. They also offer Institute classes on Saturdays, but he has yet to attend one due to the senior missionary couple who run them having health issues. All I can ask is that you keep him in your prayers, even though I'm far away I can tell when his spirit is down (must be a wife thing.).

Same ol' same ol'. My belly is growing and I'm feeling a little more pregnant everyday. My doctor finally told me that I would be seeing the base dietitian and that I had no choice:-( It wasn't that bad actually, it was alot of stuff I already knew, but she was able to tell my daily calorie range etc. I'm trying to eat healthier and more on a regular schedule(every 2.5 hours). I'm also back on the treadmill just walking for about 15 minutes a day for now, she wants me to build up to 30 minutes. I can't believe I'm 11 weeks away from full term!!! Belle will be here before we know it:-D

Nothing else is really going on, just trying to remember why there is a Christmas and keeping the spirit of Christ in it.

Love to all,