Saturday, January 15, 2011

10 Weeks Left!!

Hey Folks,
I will try and update as much as possible, my pregnancy brain is horrible:-P

Christmas was great!! Jeff was home for 12 days and it was bliss! The only person I wanted to be with was him:-P We had a doctors appointment while he was home and our doctor was nice enough to do an ultrasound her office so he could see lil' Annabella, she's getting big!! She waved a couple of times at daddy and that is the moment that I KNEW he was going to be a daddy's girl, he's already whipped!

Post Christmas:
Jeff is back in Texas keeping himself busy with school, Airman Lead Program, and training for a marathon that he will more than likely run in April. Our newest goal as a couple besides welcoming Annabella is to run the Disneyland half marathon together at the end of the year, we shall see:-/

Is causing mommy stress! I had doctors appointment yesterday and my doctor sent me straight to the hospital to get put me on a heart/contraction monitor because during the doppler in the doctor's office lil' diva decided to let her heart skip a few beats:-/ They want me to go back to the hospital again next Wednesday again and get re-monitored. They said that since they are just now noticing this that she could have been having an 'off' day. I hadn't eaten and drank really any water that morning because my appointment was early(for me) and I also had a really rough night of sleep which I'm sure didn't help the situation. So I'm back on my 100 oz of water a day(at least) going to bed before 1am and taking my hour nap everyday. Trying to take it easy. They did measure my belly and I'm measuring at 31 weeks instead of 29 so I'm hoping that means lil' diva comes early:-D Not too early of course, but mommy's getting excited! I can't wait to reach the 36 week mark so I can breathe a little easier:-)

My nesting phase has kicked in, but so has some 3rd trimester exhaustion so I haven't gotten much accomplished. My father in law is so graciously giving up his "office" for the babies bed and a rocking chair so I'm just waiting for that to be cleaned out so I can get in there and organize. My baby shower is going to be Feb. 19th...YAY! Can't believe it's already that time:-D

Well that is all,
The Hines Family