Monday, May 19, 2008

Drum Roll Please

Woohoo!! We've got a blog! It must be official:-D Life is b-e-a-utiful right now in the lovely Chicago suburbs. Jeff and I are both busy working gearing up for the wedding in six months. Changes have been happening a lot these past two months and we have not been anything, but blessed.

Got a new job that has normal hours and works with a good group of people. Is currently working three jobs, but only until October. He had his first food festival this past weekend in downtown Chicago and next weekend he heads to Wisconsin for a three day fest.

Getting geared up in ultimate wedding planning mode. Her mom was here this past weekend from Iowa to buy THE dress. The dress story: Went to David's Bridal, found a dress in budget range that made them both cry, dress got rang up at the register: Sale price: $250...Register price: $99!!!!! Calla and her mom nearly fainted from shock!

Pretty much that is the whole kitten caboodle going on right now. Things will probably start getting busier in June. Pretty sure this blog will be filled with wedding planning blah, blah, blah, until November:-P

Love to everyone near and far!
J.T. Hines & C.R. Allen