Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Calm My Troubled Heart

This week has been a strong test of faith for the whole family. Calla's mom is not doing so hot in the congestive heart failure department. She had to go to the ER due to trouble breathing and then had to do a sleep test which she failed because she quit breathing a few times in the three hours she got sleep. Now her heart is working at an 18 when it should be around a 50. Next Wednesday she goes to see the heart doctor to see what happens next and also to see a sleep specialist to figure out about her sleep apnea. If surgery is in the works for the heart Calla and her sister will go home to be with mom while she recoups. So we hurry up and wait, please keep us all in your prayers we need strength right now more then ever.

Nothing else is really going on Jeff is busy working everyday pretty much. He can't sit all the way because he has something wrong with his tail-bone so he's walking like an old man(Calla offered to get him a walker, but he declined:-P). Calla is trying to keep busy with work and church to keep her mind off of things. She has to make the decision if she wants to join church choir or not...hmmm.

Think that's about it!
Stay dry wherever you are and for those with major heat, come take some of our water, we don't need this much!

Future Hines Family


TheBastians said...

Calla, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Our prayers are with her and all of you guys.

patomey said...

Thank you sweetie. We are in Good Hands ;)