Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer in Full Force!

So as I was reading all of my friends blogs I realized that I was neglecting our own:-( So here are some updates.

I'm super excited to go visit my brother and his family this weekend in Ohio. One nice thing about living in Chicago is that I'm equally away from each brother, about 5 hours, so 3 day weekends are perfect! Now if only I could get my sister to move from Alabama...HA! In two weeks I head home to Iowa to spend my birthday weekend...WOOHOO!!! I'm so stinkin' excited to see everyone! I haven't been home since around Christmas I believe, so it should be a blast.
I am now officially a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and I love it!! What girl doesn't love to play in makeup? So if your ever interested, let me know;-) Thanks to Mary Kay, my mom and sister and I will be in Dallas at the end of the month to enjoy four fun filled days of training and just spending time together, what can we say we're a Mary Kay family:-)

Summer is in full swing with this man! I think I see him a total of five minutes between jobs, poor guy. He is working his full eight hours plus at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and now he has festing working right after that anywhere from one to six hours, just depends on the workload. I will say I've gotten used to him being home on weekends and now that he's not, it kind of stinks:-( He is looking forward to October when we go to Milwaukee for his birthday for a short weekend vacation. We are still waiting to hear back if he has a full time position at the store or not.

The bar where we work is now open. It's nice to see some life in that place again. The kitchen is being remodeled still so no pizza, but trust me the second they have it we're there!! Wedding plans are still kind of idle right now. When I go home on the 18th I will have a lot to do, decorations, talking to the Stake President, figuring out the whole marriage license thing etc. etc. etc.

I think that's pretty much it from our end. Hope everyone is well wherever they are:-)
The Future Hines Family