Monday, September 1, 2008

End of Summer Update

So I've(Calla) been super lazy and updating this thing. So here goes a MASSIVE update and hopefully I don't forget anything.

Is still working summer festivals, but they are finally starting to slow down, which means he will be home on weekends now:-). He still loves his job at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I've been a travelin' fool this summer!! Dayton, Council Bluffs, Dallas, Nauvoo. I just returned from Nauvoo today. I was able to visit with my brother, uncle and a dear family friend. Being from Nauvoo I still consider myself a semi-local because I know people at church when I go. It's hard to believe they have something like 3 wards there! INSANE!!!! I took some pictures of the flooding and also of the temple so I will try and post those some time, if you ask my mom I stink at posting/sending pictures:-P

Our goal is to get invitations out sometime this week. Even though we live together we rarely see each other with both of us working, me doing Mary Kay, and church events. Only 3 months until the wedding, it's REALLY starting to sink in!

Not much is really going on, I'll try to be better at this and who knows maybe get Jeff involved too:-P

The Future Hines Family


Meri said...

Hey look...I found your blog again!