Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Today was just a perfect day! I became an official member of our new ward as Calla Hines**giggle**, Gospel Principles was packed(we ran out of chairs!), Relief Society & Priesthood actually had the same lesson so Jeff and I could discuss how we felt about it, we both loved it because it was about parables. I also setup an appointment to see the Bishop to make that huge step...going to the temple!!! I'm ready to make that step and my husband is very supportive of me and has continued to show his interest in the church.

The Omaha (Winter Quarters), Nebraska Temple Pictures, Images and Photos

Winter Quarters Temple

I'm FINALLY getting my hair chopped off this week!! WOOHOO!!! I'm going short, I mean short! I'm so tired of the long heavy hair I have.

Jeff and I have been working out everyday together, except Sundays when we walk the dogs. It's really helping us not only physically to get in shape, but also helping us to stay in a positive moods, must be all those happy brain cells:-D

Jeff also took the ASVAB and is scored a 96 out of 99!! WOOHOO!!! This pretty much means any job he wants in the Air Force, he gets...YAY!! He's looking into video production right now.

Well I'm off, crazy random update, but it was an update:-)



Tiana said...

Good luck with the temple's a big one!