Friday, January 9, 2009

Job Interview

So...I have a phone interview next Thursday!! WOOHOO!!! I know I still have a lot to prove to get the job, so pray that I will do well and stay calm. Phone interviews are new to me, so it will be interesting.

Everything is going well. We're are getting unpacked, I think I only have 4 boxes left to unpack. Jeff takes the ASVAB on Monday so pray he does well, his practice test QT score was awesome! He is still job hunting. Found out yesterday during our meeting with the recruiter he has about 14 more pounds then we thought he had to originally lose so back to the gym he goes.

We met with our elders yesterday for the first time. We have a plan to go see the new Joseph Smith movie next Thursday night for our "date night" with them. They started talking to Jeff more about baptism and temple work, so we shall see:-D The ward here is a good ward. Still getting adjusted to things that's for sure, it will all take time!

Well I'm off those last 4 boxes and laundry are calling my name!



Cristi said...

Good luck, Calla. With EVERYTHING!

And I LOVE the background you chose! It's one of my favorites that I've made! I might have to put that one on my blog too!