Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What To Do???

Hello Folks,
Let me give a play by play of this past weekend.
~Calla's 26th birthday, has lunch with the family(love China Buffet!), went to see The Proposal with Jeff(LOVE IT!), finally walked the new pedestrain bridge with Jeff(yes we walked all the way from Nebraska to Iowa).

~Went to the Winter Quarters Temple with Jeff(pictures to come)
~Went to lunch with cousin Jodi and Jeff(We are Red Robin's #1 fans!)
~Noticed throat was a little itchy

~Woke up with migraine, still went to church, left after only 1 hour of Sacrament
~Got home, temp was 100!

~Went to work, feeling ok, ended up going home after 2 hours.

~Temp was 101.7! Went to doctor, got diagnosed: pneumonia!
~Got told I can go back to work until at LEAST next Wednesday!
~Not allowed to go anywhere until at LEAST next Wednesday!
~If this doesn't get better on my follow-up appointment next Tuesday, I will be admitted to the hospital. The doctor wanted to admit me, but since we don't have insurance she gave me the other option of coming in and seeing her every morning and getting a shot of penicillin shot in my thigh...JOY!
~Codene cough syrup is my new best friend!

Yes our life is looking a little gray, but it's my faith that keeps me going. We know it's going to be hard, but we will get through this.

Please pray that all will come out OK and the hospital is not in my future.

To my loving husband: Thank you for being a nurse! Your awesome! I love you!
To my momma: Thanks for putting up with me and making soup:-D

Well I'm off to sart going nuts! We shall see if my family lets me live after being home so much:-P


Congrats to Jeff's brother Chris and his wife Amy!! The first grandbaby and great grandbaby was born yesterday! Samantha Kaitlyn...can't wait to spoil her:-D


EP said...

Oh dear! We hope you get better quickly! We'll keep you in our prayers.