Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally Have Some Time!!

Hey Folks!!
I finally have some time to update...yes I know it's been forever!!

Got the green light from the doctors and is on the qualified and waiting list yet again for the Air Force. He is currently getting his massive application for Officer finished. He was telling me about all he has to do and it's crazy!! We will find out around June 4th if he makes Officer, IF he does he will leave in November 2010 for Officer Training School. IF he doesn't make Officer, he will be leaving he beginning of July for Basic Training. So either he leaves before my birthday or our anniversary:-/ I'm OK with it because I know that this is something that he really wants to do and it will be a lot better for our family.
Jeff also got called to be a Ward Missionary this past Sunday and I think he's pretty excited. This calling will keep him busy on the nights I have to work, which is good!

I'm working, working, working! I got promoted at work to working in our Jewelry department, I could see this career move being bad for our budget:-P I love it!! I'm full time now so that means insurance should be active by November...WOHOOO!!! Thankfully my insurance will tied us over until Jeff gets us covered in July or November 2010. I'm now teaching 7/8 year olds in Primary, love my calling even though I want to rip my hair out sometimes:-P I have 6 boys in my class, yes 6 and they are all boy!! It's such a great joy to watch them get it, you know when they understand what I'm saying and you can just see it 'click'? Love it!! They are some smart cookies too!

We are loving being close to family for now, trying to get in all the time we can before we start moving everywhere.

Nothing else is really going on, we're kind of low key.

Well I'm off!