Monday, November 30, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

It's really hard for me to believe that Jeff and I have been married a year now!! The year went by so quickly! We sure have had a rough one and we are praying the many years to come are better.

This weekend we "left town" aka went to Jeff's parents which is about 15 minutes away from where we live and just had a blast! The in laws were in California so their house was empty so of course we had to take advantage of a full size house!

Ate Roman Coin Pizza...YUM!! Took a nap....AWESOME!! Went and saw New Moon...WOOHOO!! Ate more Roman Coin...MMM!! Shopped Target for all of the $3.99 movie deals...SCORE!!

Slept in...WOHOO! Slacked off and didn't go to church...I will repent!:-D Layed around in PJ's all day and watched football(go Eagles, stupid Bears) and Stormchasers(ADDICTED!) Fought off heartburn from too much food...UGH!

So it was a great uneventful weekend and I'm just fine with that:-D I left my crackberry at home and was actually shocked how much I didn't miss it.  Jeff and I also made a deal that we would not use the internet. It was really nice.  I was shocked to realize how much technology runs what I do in a day!

Dear filmakers:
Do you realize that it's the Christmas season? You know, CHRISTmas season? Well could you do me a favor and save all of the end of the world movies for the summer please? I don't need you bringing me down when I should be cheerful, merry, and bright. It's hard enough going through the Christmas season without some family members who have moved on to the Celestial kingdom, I really don't need to see your Hollywood ending to the world!!

Thank you!

I think that is it, sorry about the most random post ever! It's 6:30am and I should not be awake!