Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 DAYS!!!!!!

 Hey Folks,

I'm such a little kid!! I'm beyond excited that in 10 days I will be able to see and touch my husband!! This time apart has really brought me a whole new perspective on our marriage.

Yes we struggle like any other married couple, but we also work through it. One thing that Jeff taught me while we were dating was that we had to communicate...vocally. Some people don't have a problem with this, but I do. After much love Jeff has finally brought me out of my shell and I have no problem voicing how I feel, I'm sure he regrets that sometimes:-P

I'm very grateful that I have a husband who provides for our family so that I can stay home and get ready for our little one. A lot of people ask me why I'm not working right now and that is because after prayer and pondering Jeff and I felt it best for me to stay home to take care of myself during my pregnancy and to get things in order. After the baby is born I will not be returning to work and many people ask me why and have a problem with it. I want to be home to raise my children the way our Heavenly Father wants me to raise them. I want to be there for all their firsts, I want to be the one that kisses the bumps and bruises. After trying for two years to have a baby and finally being blessed with being a mother I just couldn't have someone else raise my child. I don't condemn the women who work, I know a lot of them we need to, but our family has been blessed with great insurance and generous income that we know that I can stay home. In time when our children have grown and are all in school I may return to the workforce has a school helper or something so that I can have the same schedule as them.

Yes this was a rambling post because it's late and I'm tired!!

Goodnight all!


mamabluffs said...

That's so wonderful that you can be a stay-at-home Mom! You'll be wonderful! Your baby and Kasey's will be best friends!!!!