Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh My Lil' Diva!!

Hey Folks,

So today was the ultrasound day, normally I would be thrilled by this, but I knew it was checking her heart to make sure it was beating OK. She's was pretty lazy during the whole thing, it was our nap time after all! She had her hands covering her face and her legs to her chest so we couldn't check to make sure she didn't grow any appendages "down there", the tech. said she still looked like a girl. They measured me at 32 weeks 0 days versus 31 weeks and also measured my lil' diva at 4 pounds! I'm carrying around a gallon of milk!!! No wonder I pee so much:-P She has the Hines big head, the Allen "beer" belly, and the Tomey-Allen-Hines big feet:-P

While they were listening to the heart I knew what the answer was and sure enough I was right. The doctor came in and let me know they still hear an arrhythmia. Her recommendation to my normal doctor is going to be that I get monitored at least once a week at the hospital just to make sure everything comes out OK. They said this is very common and usually goes away at birth. If it does get worse I may have to see a pediatric cardiologist. I go in tomorrow to my OB/GYN for my regular 2 week appointment at which point I will learn her plan of action and also get my results of my pre-eclampsia tests.

I'm so grateful that I have the faith I have because I have been able to keep calm and positive through this whole thing. I know that Heavenly Father wouldn't give Jeff and I anything that we couldn't handle. We are in a great area to have her if she does have problems because we have some amazing specialists in the Omaha area, hard to believe I know:-P I'm going to take everything in stride and give it to God, He knows what He's doing and will continue to give me the resources and education to have me learn.

Love to all,


Hey,Hey,Paula said...

You all are in my prayers... <3