Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 Weeks!!!

Hey Folks,

I'm back to doing my non stress tests twice a I've been officially diagnosed with Gestational Hypertension and also Group B...YAY! My blood pressure keeps going up and then will drop down so I had to go in for labs to the hospital today and see what was going on. All my labs came back fine, the only answer I could get was that my body may be getting used to carrying a child. The nurse told me that pre-eclampsia shows up towards the end of the pregnancy. Just have to watch for the warning signs and I'm at the doctor once a week having my fluids checked and twice a week for NSTs so they will notice if anything is wrong.

I had an ultrasound last Friday and TAH DAH she finally showed us that she was for sure a girl!! Got to see her take a couple of "drinks" and precious!! We also got a 3D picture of her, all we can see is her eyes and nose because her feet and hands are up by her face. The ultrasound tech says that she has a lil' hair though, that would explain the heartburn! I would try and post the pics, but that's were I'm blog challenged, if I post they usually take up the whole screen:-/ We're looking at a due date of March 24th if you look at her size and March 30th if you go by date. She weighed 5lbs 9oz at the ultrasound and had a huge head...ouch!

Jeff just scored a 100% on his block test to qualify him to move to the next training session, I believe he said there are 11 blocks total and I'm not completely sure what number this was. He's been running whenever he gets the chance because he plans to run a marathon in April before graduation. Only 2 months until he's home!!!:-D

Well I'm off!