Friday, August 19, 2011

I Got It From My Momma

Hey Folks,

Another week down...WOOHOO!!! Rumor in our house is that daddy may be switching to swing shift...BOO!!! He would work 3p-11ish, 12ish, 1ish, or whatever ish they decide to let him go. This would totally mess up the baby's schedule so we're praying the rumors are wrong!

I'm down 22.9 pounds since I joined Weight Watchers online in May:-) I'm down 5.6 pounds since I started attending WW meetings July 30th. I asked my leader if I'm losing too much too fast and she said I'm OK...phew! She said once I hit week 4 they will start looking to make sure I'm losing no more than 2 pounds a week. I'm very grateful for the awesome tool that Heavenly Father provided for mommies...breastfeeding!! Talk about a weight loss plan!! I know it's temporary so I'm taking full advantage of it!

Lil' Miss Annabella is doing great!! She is figuring out how to roll from her tummy to back and back to tummy:-) She also "pushes" herself across the floor with her feet with butt in the air, it's so cute! She babbles none stop! Daddy has taught her how to blow raspberries so 90% of the time in the morning that's what I wake up to coming across the monitor:-) I'm grateful she's not a screamer when she wakes up, but is very content talking to the fan in her room until mommy finally wakes up. I think she is going to be going by 'Bella' I'm OK with that now that the Twilight saga has stopped a little bit.

If I'm not cleaning, changing diapers, napping in my recliner while feeding Lil' Miss (best 30 minute nap ever!) then I'm regaining my love for the gym! I got on the elliptical last week for the first time in a month and I rocked it! I credit Zumba for sure! I'm loving my classes twice a week and I can feel/see my body starting to look and feel better!

Jeff's doing great! He is busy training for his 2nd marathon and 1st half marathon! He's going to be running the Long Beach Marathon on his birthday in October. This marathon he can take the jogging stroller so he's pretty pumped! The half marathon is going to be in November in Santa Clarita which isn't too far from us.

Well I think that's about it!