Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Update

Hey Folks,
It seems like I only update once a month anymore...life!

My day consists of changing, feeding, chasing after this little roller who loves to scream!! We're positive her teeth have to be coming in soon because she is using us as chew toys and man are those gums hard! We have her 6mth well baby next week and we're excited to see what happens! Her head is finally starting to flatten on the one side so we're praying for no helmet for the lil' miss. LOVES LOVES LOVES her whole grain cereal with carrots or chicken noodle dinner...Yep she's my kid:-D

Isn't working swings...YAY! He is busy training for his marathon in 3 weeks! He got new running shoes yesterday and you would have thought he got a new car! He is just so stinkin' excited to run his second marathon on his birthday with the baby...GO JEFF!!

I'm still here:-P Started working with the Enlisted Spouses Club...LOVE! LOVE the ladies of the Muroc Ward R.S.! I'm finally getting the hang of being 2nd counselor and realizing that R.S. isn't that bad after all:-P Getting to know more mommy's out here through ESC, Mommy & Me Bootcamp, Zumb. Enjoying teaching Annabella the new things that seemed so little to me, but are so huge to her. Still losing weight, been struggling these past few weeks, but I'm trying to let that go and just look to tomorrow.

I think that is it for our little family!