Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Facebook Hiatus

Hey Folks,
So my life hasn't been hectic, but it's just been blah. I noticed that I was checking FB at LEAST 3 times an hour (because you know that's how often things change:-P) and that our little girl was growing and I was oblivious.

I went Visiting Teaching this past week and something just kept coming to me "turn it off". Now I really had to think about this, turn what off? I eventually went with TV and Ipod.  During the day the TV in our house is on from 6:30am-10pm without being shut off, I mainly have it on for noise, but I noticed that Annabella was really starting to stare at the screen really close and it made me nervous. My Ipod is docked most of the day while the baby is awake and then at nap time/her bedtime it comes out to play just for a bit, long enough to check my emails and play a round or two of solitaire.

Our new TV schedule:
6:30-11 TV on, yes I know it's awhile, but this momma doesn't do mornings.
11-4ish TV on, but it is on the music channels just so I have sound and don't go crazy, I don't do quiet.
**Our TV has always and will always be turned off at meal times. That is a time for our family to come together, even if it's just Bella and I to really communicate. I LOVE our dinners with daddy because we just talk and enjoy and laugh.
Jeff and I have been really into Burn Notice right now so when Bella goes down at 7, that's what usually comes on.

During my hiatus I've realized...I DO HAVE TIME!! SHOCKER! I have time to work on my calling, read/play with Bella, make healthy foods for my family, clean that nastiness that takes over our house...SHOCK! I was able to make 4 loaves of bread for us and friends yesterday and also made 4 dozen cookies for a service project and our deep freeze...I had time to do that? Who knew!:-P

Projects I will continue to work on while on hiatus:
Bobbin my sewing machine and start my 6 or so baby quilts:-P
Make a healthy meal for dinner every night
Work on my body, belly is popping out and baby is growing
Organizing our devil of a filing cabinet...gag!

I think that's it! I will be online randomly and yes I am still pinning, but I gotta get 5 minutes of sanity somewhere:-P

Later folks,


mamabluffs said...

Great blog, Calla! You're an amazing person!