Friday, July 30, 2010

Minor Changes

Hey Folks!
So since my last post some minor things have changed. Jeff will NOT be doing his tech school in Biloxi like we thought, he will be staying in Texas and going to Sheppard AFB for 17 weeks. It's only 9 hours from here so I want I could go see him. Travel may be a little difficult since I'm pregnant!!!! Found out on my birthday that we have a little cutie headed our way! I'm due at the end of March, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are entering the crucial 6th week. I haven't had any morning sickness just tired and when I eat...I EAT!!:-P

We just bought a new car...4 doors!!! It's so pretty! I loved not having the car payment for almost a year and now we're back to having one again...blah!

I will also be moving the last week of August to my in laws home while Jeff is away so I can work on getting us ready to move. My in laws have been great and stored most of our things for us and I know not all of it is going to get moved!

Well I'm off!