Friday, May 20, 2011

California Lovin'

Hey Folks,

We are in sunny (VERY SUNNY) California! Our trip was adventure that's for sure! Thankfully we made it safe across half of the USA and are settled(for now) at Edwards AFB.

We got to have dinner with Jeff's brother and some of his family one of our first nights here. It's going to be so nice only being 2 hours from family! I'm excited for the girls to grow up around each other because neither Jeff and I really saw our cousins that much growing up.

We lived in a suite style hotel for about 4 days which was nice, but also stunk because Jeff had to drive to work an hour each way. We got moved onto base in a 2 bedroom TLF(Temporary Living Facility) which is pretty nice. We are on the waiting list for base housing and we are second in line. The lady couldn't give us an exact date, but she just said soon and probably June. We're in the TLF until May 31st, unless something changes, which we praying it does. The TLF  is perfect size for us so we're hoping that our home isn't much bigger/smaller. We drove around the neighborhood where we will be living and they are all duplexes, but really nice. Garage, little deck, little back yard, concrete wall for fence since we have coyotes and bobcats that like to visit:-/ The birds out here are the size of my 12lb cat! The bugs are little and annoying, the sun is always out and bright, the wind is bi-polar and can't decide when it wants to blow, but when it does it will knock you out! Darn Santa Ana's!

I'm LOVING being a Domestic Engineer! We've got a routine pretty well down.

Annabella & I's Day:
4am - Miss wakes up
5am - Miss back to bed,  mommy makes daddy's lunch & breakfast
6 am - Mommy kicks daddy(literally) out of bed
9 am - Mommy wakes up before Miss so she can eat and get ready for the day
9:30 am - Mommy wakes up Miss and gets a nice big smile
10am-5pm - Numerous feedings, small cat naps, cleaning, Facebooking(you know, the important stuff:-P)
5pm - Daddy gets home from work & gym  (he works 7-3 and gyms after)
5:30pm - Dinner as a family without electronics(took this idea from Marie Osmond and love it!)
6pm - Mommy heads out for her "mommy time" at the gym
7:30pm - 9pm - Family time
9pm-10pm - The start of getting Miss down to sleep
10pm - Everyone to bed! Yes we're lame and don't stay up past 10 anymore, but if you think about it that's really 12am in Iowa:-D

We're struggling with naps right now, but she's slowly realizing that it's OK to sleep. The Moby is my saving grace for naps because I can get things done and still snuggle. She is actually laying on my chest right now snuggled in the Moby:-D

Not much else is going on. We're getting to like the base and the lifestyle. I haven't really met anyone yet, but I usually do at church so I'm excited for Sunday!

I'm back on Weight Watchers and I'm FINALLY recording everything again. I make weekly menus for dinner and Jeff and I shop together for FHE on Mondays after work. I only do dinner menus because I usually eat leftovers for lunch the next day. I'm loving trying all sorts of new healthy recipes finally. We've had awesome burgers, chili, tacos, salads etc. I'm also finding my love for veggies, hard to believe I know.

Welp, that's it! If your ever in the middle of the Mojave Desert give us a call! We're about 2 hours from Disneyland:-D

Later folks!